Christoph Bachhuber


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St. John’s College (Lecturer in Archaeology)

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Online Egyptological Bibliography (Editor)


Research Interests:

I am an archaeologist with wide-ranging interests in the ancient material culture of the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean, including but not confined to the archaeology of early cities and states, and the intersections between archaeology and the politics of heritage in the Middle East.  I am currently co-PI together with Michele Massa at the British Institute at Ankara of the Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project (KRASP) in Turkey.

KRASP project website:

I have worked in Turkey as a field archaeologist for many years, including in underwater (shipwreck) archaeology and as a senior staff member of the University of Chicago excavations at Zincirli (ancient Sam'al) in southeastern Turkey.

Some recent publications:

Massa, M., C. Bachhuber, F. Şahin, Y. Tuna, N. Kolankaya. ‘The Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project: First and Second Field Seasons’, Anatolica 45: 159–180

(in press) ‘Deliberating Destruction to Archaeological Landscapes in the Konya Plain in Central Turkey,’ in C. Grecco and P. Del Vesco (eds) Statues Also Die. Destruction and Preservation in Ancient and Modern Times, Museo Egizio, Torino (length 7000 words)

‘The Rationality and Mutability of Bullion in Hoard Deposits’, in Ü Yalçin (ed.) Anatolian Metal VIII: Eliten - Handwerk - Prestigegüter, 269–280.  Bochum : Deutsches Bergbau-Museum.

‘The Lion Pit and Other Ambiguous Violence Against Statues at Iron Age Zincirli’, in C. Draycott, R. Raja, K. Welch and W. T. Wootton (eds) Visual Histories: Visual Remains and Histories of the Classical World. Studies in Classical Archaeology, 76–86. Turnhout: Brepols

(co-authored with M. Massa) ‘The First Field Season of the Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project’, Heritage Turkey 7: 30-31

 ‘The Industry and Display of Textiles in Early Bronze Age Western Anatolia’, in E. Pernicka, S. Ünlüsoy and S. W. E. Blum (eds.) Early Bronze Age Troy: Chronology, Cultural Development, and Interregional Contacts. Studia Troica Monographien 8, 339–364. Bonn: Dr. Rudolf Habelt GMBH

(co-authored with M. Massa) ‘Engaging the Material and Academic Legacies of the first BIAA-led Surveys in the Konya Plain’, Heritage Turkey 6: 21–22

Citadel and Cemetery in Early Bronze Age Anatolia. Monographs in Mediterranean Archaeology 13. London: Equinox
*nominated for the 2017 Archaeological Institute of America James A. Wiseman Book Award
*book reviews: Cambridge Archaeological Journal 1-2. DOI:10.1017/S0959774317000233; American Journal of Archaeology 121.3. DOI: 10.3764/ajaonline1213.Harrison; Bryn Mawr Classical Review BMCR 2017.09.59 on the BMCR blog; European Journal of Archaeology 20.2. DOI: 10.1017/eaa.2017.6; Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 379: DOI: 10.5615/

Christoph Bachhuber