Julide Inozu


Academic Visitor; Professor in TEFL & Foreign Language Teacher Education

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute



Biographic Information:

Dr. Jülide İNÖZÜ is a professor in the Department of English Language Teacher Education at Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey. She is interested in the psychological perspectives of ELT including individual learner differences in language learning, motivation, learner autonomy and belief. Her other research areas are instructional materials evaluation and adaptation and use of educational technology in teaching English. She is teaching methodology courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. She has published articles on various aspects of affect in foreign language learning. She has also been involved in many EU projects and project partnerships with some European universities.

Courses (Undergraduate/Graduate) Taught at Home Institution:

  • Instructional Materials Evaluation and Adaptation in ELT (BA)
  • ELT Methodology (BA)
  • Second Language Learning Theories (MA)
  • Individual Differences in Foreign Language Learning (MA)
  • Psychology of Foreign Language Learning (PhD)
  • English Language Teaching in the Post-Method Era (PhD)

Recent Publications:

  • Inozu, J. and Basol, H. C. (2019) Educating the 21st century language teacher. Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 65(3), 205-220.
  • Inozu, J. (2018) Drawings are talking: Exploring language learners’ beliefs through visual narratives. Applied Linguistics Review, Doi: 10.1515/applirev-2016-1062
  • Inozu, J. and Gorgun, A. (2017) Promoting Language Skills through Teacher-structured out-of-class ICT Activities in Higher Education Context. In J. Branch et al (Eds.), Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (pp 363-374). Copenhagen: Libri Publishing.
  • Inozu, J.  Sahinkarakas, S. and Ramoo, D. (Eds.) (2017) The Role of the Self in Language Learning. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Inozu, J. and Sahinkarakas, S. (2016) Exploring relations between pre-service English teachers psychological and social well being and their perceptions of positive classroom environment. Euroasian Journal of Education, 2(2), 79-93.
  • Inozu, J. and Can, C. (2015) Intercultural Competence and Language Teacher Education. In Stanciu, S. M. et al (Eds.), Contemporary Studies in Humanities (203-214). Manheim: Ehrmann Verlag.
  • Inozu, J. (2015) Raising Awareness in Language Learners for Developing Motivational Self-regulation. In K. Norley et al (Eds.), Contemporary Approaches in Education (pp 441-451). Frankfurt: Peter Lang.
Julide Inozu