Oliver James Watson


I.M. Pei Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture

Faculty / College Address:

Khalili Research Centre



Research Interests:

  • Islamic art, particularly the art of the object
  • History of ceramics
  • History of collecting, and of fakes and forgeries
  • Museology and the presentation of Islamic Art

Current Projects:

  • Ceramic production at Raqqa, Syria

Recent Publications:

  • 2010. “The Case of the Ottoman Table”, Journal of the David Collection, v. 3, p. 22-53.
  • 2007. “Rayy - from Wallis to Watson”, in Treptow, Tanya, Daily Life Ornamented: The Medieval Persian City of Rayy, Oriental Institute of Chicago
  • 2007. “Another Gilt Glass Bottle”, in Hagedorn, A. and A.  Shalem (eds), Facts and Artefacts - Art in the Islamic World; Festschrift for Jens Kröger on his 65th Birthday , Brill, Leiden, Boston, 2007, p. 105-120

Photograph of Oliver Watson