Oliver Norris


Associate Faculty Member

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Oriental Studies



Research Interests:

Psalms, Vetus Latina, Vulgate Bible, Septuagint, digital editions.

Current Projects:

Collaborator on Psalms 101–150 for The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Edition.

A New Edition and Analysis of the Verona Psalter (Verona, Biblioteca Capitolare, 1).

Recent Publications:

"The Latin Psalter." In The Oxford Handbook to the Latin Bible (ed. H.A.G. Houghton). OUP. Forthcoming.

2018. "The Rediscovery of Odilo Heiming's Work on the Ambrosian Psalter." Archiv für Liturgiewissenschaft Jahrgang 58/59 (2016/2017): 139-149.

2017. "Tracing Fortunatianus′ Psalter." In Fortunatianus redivivus: Bischof Fortunatian von Aquileia und sein Evangelienkommentar (ed. L.J. Dorfbauer). Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter.

Oliver Norris