Shahid ur Rehman

Full Name:

Dr. Shahid ur Rehman


Dates of Stay in Oxford:

02/12/2022 to 02/10/2023


Positions held at other institutions:

a. Assistant Professor Of Islamic Studies at Govt. Associate College chak No: 90, S.B Sargodha, Pakistan
b. Lecturer In Islamic Studies at Higher Education Department Govt. Post Graduate College Murree, Pakistan
c. Lecturer in Islamic studies at Higher Education at Department Govt. Degree College Bhalwal Sargodha, Pakistan
d. Head Of Department of Islamic Studies at Punjab Group Of Colleges Sargodha, Pakistan
e. Ph.D Scholar (Islamic Studies) at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Pakistan


Corresponding Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Pusey Lane, Oxford OX1 2LE.


Email Address:


Research Interests:

Literary Elegance of the Qur’ān and impediments while translating the Qur’ān in English(Linguistic and literary aspects of the Qur’ān: Rhetorical nature of the Qur’ān, Consonance of the words of the Qur’ān, syntax, meters of poetry, prose, melodious pattern and genius Arabic structure of the Qur’ān). History of English Translations, Trends in Tafseer (exegesis) of Quran. 

Current Projects:

a. Encyclopedia of English Translations
b.Inimitability of the Quran (‘Ijaz e Quran)
c. Guiding Principles for English Translators in the light of Authentic Sources of Ahadith and in accordance with the Sciences of Translation and Tafseer (exegesis) of Quran.
d. Islam and West, Orientalism, Interfaith Dialogue and Harmony ( Principles  for co existence), Comparative Studies of The Religions and Cultures


Courses taught:

Curriculum Formulated for the students of  of Islamic Studies of Inter and Degree classes: Translation and Tafseer of the Quran, Hadith (Selected Text) and Asool e Hadith (Principles of Ahadith), Arabic language, History Of Islam, Islamic Jurisprudence.



1.Impediments in translating the Qur’ān and guiding principles for Translation
2. Islam and Fine Arts( Principles)
3. English Translations of the Qur’ān: An Introductory Study


Publications in Pipeline and Research not Published yet:

1. Anlytical Study of Tafseer e Majdi in the light of 15 Sciences of the Qur’ān( Uloom Al Qur’ān)
2. Writings of AbdulMajid Daryabadi: an Introduction
3. Analytical and Comparative study of English Translations: Translation of Alan Jones and Abdulmajid Daryabadi
4.Comparitive and analytical study of english translation of George Sale with that of Muhammad Asad


Gold Medalist In M. A Islamic Studies From University of Sargodha session 2004- 2006
Vice President Of Young Speakers Forum Of University Of Sargodha 2003-2004
President Majlis E Uloom E Islamia University Of Sargodha 2004-2006
Hifz E Quran  1996
Visited USA Twice On The Invitation Of Islāmic Society Of Willow Grove Philadelphia, USA, as Islamic Scholar


Conferences Attended:

International seert conference AIOU Islamabd, Pakistan 2018
Symposium on Peace and Islam in University of Sargodha, Pakistan 2019
International Seerat Conference in AIOU Islamabad, Pakistan , ( Paper presented by me) 2019
International Orientalism Conference in University of Sargodha, Pakistan,  ( Paper presented by me) 2020
Seminar On Techniques of writing Research Paper ( Guest Speaker), University of Lahore, Sgd Pakistan
International Quran Conference in AIOU Islamabad, Pakistan , ( Paper presented by me) 2021

shahid rehman