Weihua Li

Full Name:

Weihua Li


Dates of Stay in Oxford:

01/12/2022 to 30/11/2023


Positions held at other institutions:

Beijing Foreign Studies University
Postdoctoral fellow: 15 Sept. 2020-now
School of Chinese Language and Literature
Member of Royal Asiatic Society
Member of Royal Asiatic Society Beijing 


Corresponding Address:

China Centre


Email Address:



Research Interests:

Royal Asiatic Society and Oriental Studies, Silk Road Studies, British Sinology. 


Current Projects:

National Social Science Foundation Youth Project of China: Royal Asiatic Society and Silk Road Studies (Project Number: 21CWW008)

The 68th batch of general funding project of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation: Royal Asiatic Society and British Sinology (Project Number: 2020M680449)

Beijing Foreign Studies University Youth Academic Innovation Team Project: Multidimensional Development of Foreign Sinology and Modern Sino-foreign Academic Exchanges (Project Number: 2022TD004)

Courses taught:

Japanese Literature and Japanese Aesthetics
Reading and Interpreting: The Masterpieces of Western Drama
Foreign Literature


Recent Publications:

The Academic Process of British Oriental Studies. Social Science Research, No. 6, 2020 (CSSCI)

A Brief History of the Royal Asiatic Society (1823-1923). International Sinology, 2020 No. 1 (CSSCI)

Beauty of Shadow and Gentle in Japanese Body Aesthetic. Journal of Zhoukou Normal University, No. 4

British Overseas Colonization and Oriental Studies. Maritime History Studies, Volume 18 (CSSCI)

The Common Origin and Divergent Development of East Asia in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. Journal of University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, No.2, 2022 (CSSCI)

British Oriental Studies and the Construction of Oriental Aesthetics. Central Asiatic Journal, Issue to be determined (A&HCI)

British Sinology in the Vision of Oriental Studies——An Analysis of Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society from 1827 to 1923. International Sinology, No. 4, 2022 (CSSCI)

The Obstruction, Reconstruction and Revival of the Silk Road from the Perspective of Oriental Archaeology and Literature Research by the Royal Asiatic Society, Journal of New Silk Road Studies, Sept. 2021

weihua li