Yiyang Gao

Linacre College

DPhil in Oriental Studies


Henrietta Harrison 


Educational Background:
BA in History, Fudan University

Research Interests:
My PhD dissertation is on Qing paintings in the 18th century. In particular, my dissertation analyzes court paintings in the Qianlong era that were linked to personal affect. The dissertation argues, by examining visual and literary sources, that certain Qing court paintings went beyond their role in building up legitimacy for the empire, and were crafted for an exclusive audience, influencing their self-perception and expressed emotional states. More broadly, I am interested in history of emotions and its intersection with art. I am supervised by Professor Henrietta Harrison. 

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:
“Between Ritual and Play: Wanguo laicho tu and Tributary Dramas Revisited”, Global China Research Centre Graduate and Early Career Researcher Seminar Series, University of Exeter, 18th October, 2023.
“Entanglements Between Art and Emotions: The Case of High Qing China”, Arts and Humanities Research Council International Conference on “Entanglements”, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, 18th-20th September, 2023. 
“‘Jia Tang Image’ and the Construction of Ritual Space”, Journal of Art Theory & Art History, 2(2022), pp. 202-219. (In Chinese)
“Appropriating the Past: Sericulture Ritual and the Qincan tu”, British Association for Chinese Studies Annual Conference, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, 30th August-1st September, 2022.
“Research on Illustrations of Imperial Ritual Paraphernalia”, Conference on “Resistance and Acceptance: Getting China Moving”, China Centre, University of Oxford, 23rd-24th April, 2019.

Other Publications:
“Clamorous Voices and Historical Narrative: Review of ‘China’s Hidden Century’ at the British Museum”, The Paper, 10th July 2023. (In Chinese)
“The Name-change Process of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford”, The Paper, 2nd October 2022. (In Chinese)
“Temples on Paper: The Folk Tradition of Ancestral Worship”, “Wenhui Scholars” in Wenhui Daily, 22nd December 2017. (In Chinese)