Faculty Officers

Chair: David Rechter

Vice-Chair: Zeynep Yürekli

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Adriana Jacobs

Director of Undergraduate Admissions: Nicolai Sinai

Director of Graduate Studies: Edmund Herzig

Director of Graduate Admissions: David G. K. Taylor

Graduate Research Training Coordinator: Yuhan Vevaina


Chair of FHS examinations: Dirk Meyer

Chair of FPE examinations: Jenny Guest

Chair of Graduate examinations: Diwakar Acharya

Welfare and Equality

Equality and Diversity Officer: Richard Parkinson

Harassment Officers: Zeynep Yürekli and Chris Mitchell
Disability Contact: Thomas Hall and Chris Mitchell

Other Faculty Officers and Committee Chairs

Director of Research: Henrietta Harrison

Director of Outreach: Bo Hu

REF Co-ordinator: TBC

Chair of the Committee of Curators: David Taylor

Chair of the Committee on Special Appointments: TBC

Director of the Khalili Research Centre: Alain George

Director of the Griffith Institute: Maren Schentuleit; Deputy: Richard Parkinson

Chair of the IT Committee: John J. Lowe

Language Laboratories Supervisor: Hiroe Kaji

Early Career Researcher Champion: Henrietta Harrison

Early Career Researcher Contact: TBC