David Rechter


David Rechter

Professor of Modern Jewish History


Faculty/College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies / Brasenose College





Selected Publications

  • At Eden's Door: The Habsburg Jewish Life of Leon Kellner, 1859-1928 (London, 2023).
  • The Importance of Being Equal: 1867, Emancipation and Habsburg Jews’. In The Formation of Austria-Hungary, ed. Jonathan Kwan (Forthcoming, Berghahn).
  • ‘Imperial Epilogue: The Fading of Habsburg Jewry’. In New Loyalities, Old Dramas: Jewish Life in the Aftermath of the Great War, ed. Camelia Craciun & Mihai Razvan Ungureanu (Forthcoming, New College Europe).
  • ‘The Education of Leon Kellner: A Galician Jew Between East and West’. In Terra Iudiaca, ed. Francisca Solomon & Ion Lihaciu (Konstanz, 2020), 101-22.
  • (ed. with Kateřina Čapková) Židé nebo Němci? Německy mluvící Židé v poválečné střední Evropě. (Prague, 2019). 
  • ‘Improving the Volk: Leon Kellner and the Jewish Toynbee Hall Movement (1900-39)'. Jewish Social Studies 24/3 (2019), 51-79.
  • (ed. with Abigail Green & Juliet Carey) Special Issue, Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, 'Beyond the Pale: The Country Houses of the Jewish Elite'. Vol. 18/4 (2019).
  • ‘Germans or Jews? German-Speaking Jews in Post-War Europe: An Introduction’ (with Kateřina Čapková). Leo Baeck Institute Year Book 62 (2017), 69-74.
  • ‘Fact and Fiction in Kazimierz Dolny’. Introduction to Leyb Rashkin, The People of Godlbozhits, trans. and ed. Jordan Finkin (Syracuse, 2017), xxv-xxxi.
  • ‘The Education of a People: The Case of Bukovina Jewry’. In Partizipation und Exklusion: Zur Habsburger Prägung von Sprache und Bildung in der Bukowina 1848 – 1918 – 1940, ed. Markus Winkler (Regensburg, 2015), 97-111.
  • ‘Habsburg Bukowina: Juden am Rand des Reichs’. In Grenzen, ed. Gisela Dachs (Berlin, 2015), 84-93.
  • ‘Die große Katastrophe: die österreichischen Juden und der Krieg’. In Weltuntergang: Jüdisches Leben und Sterben im Ersten Weltkrieg, ed. Marcus Patka (Vienna, 2014), 12-25. [Reprinted in Religionen und Krieg 1914-1918 (Vienna, 2020), 142-58.]
  • Becoming Habsburg: The Jews of Austrian Bukovina 1774-1918. (Oxford, 2013)
  • ‘Staat, Gesellschaft, Minderheit: Die Judenfrage im österreichischen Habsburg’. In Die ‘Judenfrage’ – ein europäisches Phänomen?, eds. Manfred Hettling, Michael G. Müller and Guido Hausmann (Berlin, 2013), 205-27.
  • ‘A Nationalism of Small Things: Jewish Autonomy in Late Habsburg Austria’. Leo Baeck Institute Year Book 52 (2007), 87-109.
  • ‘The Jews: A European Minority’. In A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Europe 1789-1914, ed. Stefan Berger (Oxford, 2006), 274-87.
  • ‘Western and Central European Jewry in the Modern Period, 1750-1933’. In Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies, ed. Martin Goodman (Oxford, 2002), 376-95.
  • The Jews of Vienna and the First World War. (Oxford, 2001).