Mandarin Forum Trinity Term 2022

The talks at this forum are delivered in Mandarin and are followed by bilingual Q&As. The convenor is Dr Annie Hongping Nie. For more details, please visit


Professor Ming-sho Ho, National Taiwan University
Friday 29 April (13:00 BST): ‘“Today Hong Kong, Tomorrow Taiwan”: History, Geopolitics and Transboundary Civil Society between China’s Two Peripheral Societies’


Professor Peng Wang, University of Hong Kong
Friday 13 May (13:00 BST): ‘Organised Crime in Rural China: Gang Evolution, Crime–State Relations and State Infrastructural Power’
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Professor Chelsea C. Chou, National Taiwan University
Friday 27 May (13:00 GMT): ‘The Online “Informing” System: Popularized Internet Regulation in Mainland China’
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Professor Yan XU, China University of Political Science and Law
Friday 10 June (13:00 GMT): ‘Tensions and Paradoxes: An Investigation of Internationalisation of Chinese Higher Education’
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