Applications for OOC-DTP Studentships Now Open!

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Applying when new to doctoral study at Oxford

If you wish to apply for an Open-Oxford-Cambridge DTP studentship at the University of Oxford, you must have applied for a place on your chosen research programme by the relevant January deadline (5 or 19 January 2024, depending on course). Some courses offer earlier deadlines in November and December, as well as the relevant January deadline. If you apply for an earlier deadline and also wish to apply for an Open-Oxford-Cambridge DTP studentship at the University of Oxford you will need to upload the OOC DTP application form as an additional document when completing your application. The form cannot be submitted at a later stage.

The funding deadline can be found by looking up your course on the Oxford Course Directory

In order to be considered for a studentship you must tick the relevant box in the studentships section of the Oxford application form. You will also need to complete the OOC DTP Application Form and upload it as an additional document when completing your application. To be considered for an award via the DTP's Black and Global Majority studentships initiative, you must also disclose ethnicity information in the monitoring section of the university’s admissions system.

Applying as an on-course student at Oxford

If you are a current doctoral student at the University of Oxford who commenced their first year of study in October 2023 (full-time) or in October 2021, 2022 or 2023 (part-time), you may be eligible to apply for an Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP studentship. 

Please email the Humanities Division Scholarships Officer at by 15 December 2023. You will then be sent further information and details of materials you will be required to provide (including a completed OOC DTP Application Form and academic references). The completed application must then be received by the deadline of 5 January 2024.

Please note

Your application will only be considered by the DTP if you have received an offer of admission from the university at which you wish to take up your studentship.

  • You may apply for admission to study at as many of the consortium institutions as you wish, but you must decide in advance which one you would like to apply to for DTP funding.

  • You should only submit one application to the OOC DTP for studentship funding in any year.

  • Applications for funding cannot be transferred to a different university following submission