Oxford Students Share Arabic Learning Experiences on Tunisian Radio


Two students from our faculty, Rosabel Thorne and Madeleine Thompson, were recently invited to share their experiences on a Tunisian radio show. They are both currently studying Arabic and had the opportunity to discuss their journey of language learning and cultural exploration.

The radio show, an English-language programme, streamed live on Facebook, offering a unique platform for the students to share their personal experiences. The interview can be viewed here: Programme en langue anglaise via Facebook Watch. 

Rosabel and Madeleine have embarked on the task of learning Arabic, a language known for its rich history, complex structure, and vast cultural influence. Throughout the interview, they shared the challenges they faced, the victories they celebrated, and their perspective shift while encountering a different culture.

The students described their Arabic learning journey as "enlightening" and "transformative." They discussed how immersing themselves in a new culture and language helped them develop a more profound understanding of the world and enabled them to view situations from different perspectives.

The students were candid about the challenges they faced learning Arabic but expressed the immense satisfaction they derived from gradually mastering the language. They also shared the amusing instances of misunderstanding and the sense of accomplishment they felt when successfully communicating in Arabic.

This radio show served as an encouraging example of cultural exchange and the transformative power of learning a new language. It offered a fresh perspective on cross-cultural understanding, shedding light on the experiences of students deeply immersing themselves in a culture vastly different from their own.

The Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford is renowned for its rigorous language programs and promoting a comprehensive understanding of diverse cultures. The Tunisian programme was set up by Professor Mohamed-Salah Omri (AMES) and IBLV Director Imed Ben Ammar four years ago. This appearance on Tunisian radio exemplifies the institution's success in fostering global cultural exchange.

To learn more about the students' experiences, watch the full interview on Facebook Watch.