Professor Dominic Parviz Brookshaw elected President of the Association of Iranian Studies

The Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford is proud to announce a significant achievement within the academic community. Professor Dominic Parviz Brookshaw, Professor of Persian Literature and Iranian Culture, has been voted President-Elect of the Association of Iranian Studies (AIS).

This prestigious position recognizes Professor Brookshaw’s outstanding contributions to Iranian Studies and his ongoing commitment to academic excellence. His election as the next AIS president is a testament to his esteemed standing in the field and his dedication to fostering a deeper understanding of Iranian culture and society.

A veteran participant in AIS conferences and a former member of the AIS Council, Professor Brookshaw has also served as Assistant Editor for Iranian Studies and is currently on the Editorial Board of Iranian Studies and the International Advisory Board of Middle Eastern Literatures. His establishment of the new book series, I B Tauris Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Persian Literature with Bloomsbury, further demonstrates his commitment to advancing the field.

As President-Elect, Professor Brookshaw plans to lead through close consultation and collaboration, emphasizing the power of dialogue and debate. He aims to grow and diversify the AIS membership, leveraging his international experience in the UK, Canada, and the US to foster greater cohesion among Iranian Studies scholars. He also intends to focus on increasing engagement with members in Iran and raising awareness about the violation of academic freedom in Iran and Afghanistan. His unique perspective as a literary scholar born outside of Iran and his experience across various countries position him to bring a fresh approach to AIS's international presence.