Contemporary Chinese Studies MSc

View to the top of the Shanghai World Financial Centre at night. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies is a three-term, twelve-month course offered jointly by the Faculty of Oriental Studies and the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies designed to provide high quality graduate research training with an emphasis on an appreciation of research methods and on deepening your understanding of contemporary China.

You will develop or extend your knowledge and understanding of:

  • the key approaches to the social scientific study of modern China
  • research methods, strategies and ethics that will be of relevance to the social scientific study of China
  • critical analysis of sources and ability to present findings effectively, both verbally and in sustained writing exercises
  • framing and executing a workable research topic
  • interdisciplinary research and its potential.

Graduate pathways after the MSc typically fall into one of three categories. The first group move on to further academic study, either in China in order to further enhance their language and cultural skills at leading universities, or by pursuing doctoral study in key disciplines, either here at Oxford or at other top-ranked universities worldwide.

The second path taken by the department’s graduates involves government and public service at international institutions, government agencies and prominent NGOs, usually with a direct focus on China or the East Asia region as part of the brief for their positions.

The third pathway chosen by graduates typically involves major private sector firms in industry or finance, commercial research agencies and international consulting.

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