Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Egyptology Seminar Trinity Term 2018

Please find below the programme for the Trinity Term 2018 Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Egyptology Seminar, organised by the Griffith Institute. All events listed will be held from 2.30pm in Lecture Room 1 of the Oriental Institute unless otherwise specified.

All are welcome to attend; no registration is necessary.


Tuesday 24 April
Bernard Bruyère and the chambers of secrets: Archaeological pranks
Anne-Claire Salmas (University of Oxford)


Tuesday 1 May
Egyptian education at the time of the Greeks: Schooling in an ancient multicultural

Luigi Prada (University of Oxford)


Thursday 3 May (4.00pm, Lecture Room, Institute of Archaeology)
Kawa: The nature and role of the Kushite town in light of recent excavations
Derek Welsby (British Museum)


Tuesday 15 May
Documenting Elkab: The 2018 field-season
Vivian Davies (The Ashmolean Museum)


Wednesday 16 May (4.00pm, joint seminar)
New epigraphic studies in Tanis, capital of Third Intermediate Period Egypt
Frédéric Payraudeau (Université Paris-Sorbonne)
Perception of space, microtoponymy and landmarks in ancient Egypt
Claire Somaglino (Université Paris-Sorbonne)


Tuesday 29 May
Tracing the visual origins of a Sumerian cosmic realm
Paul Collins (The Ashmolean Museum)


Tuesday 29 May (5.00pm, Schulman Lecture Theatre, The Queen's College)
Excavations at Wadi el-Jarf - Khufu's harbour on the Red Sea shore
Pierre Tallet (Université Paris-Sorbonne)


Wednesday 30 May (4.00pm)
The Red Sea papyri: A sailors' archive from the time of Khufu
Pierre Tallet (Université Paris-Sorbonne)


Tuesday 5 June
Investigating the syntax of Old Babylonian omens using Arabic grammatical
theory: A case study of accusative-initial sentences

Nadia Ghanem (London University, SOAS)