China Studies Seminar Series

University of Oxford China Centre
Dickson Poon Building, Canterbury Road, Oxford OX2 6LU

The following seminars, jointly organised with the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies and the Faculty of Oriental Studies, will take place weekly either at 5pm on Thursdays or at lunchtime on Mondays. Please note that all talks will be conducted on Zoom, with the exception of Professor Nylan’s seminar, which will be in hybrid format. All welcome (please check the China Centre’s website for guidelines on how to register).


Professor Michael Gibbs Hill, William & Mary
Thursday 14 October (5pm): ‘An Archive of Comparison: Between Adab, Wenxue and Literature’


Professor Meg Rithmire, Harvard University
Thursday 21 October (5pm): ‘The Politics of Financial Control in China: Mutual Endangerment in State-Business Relations’


Professor Rogier Creemers, University of Leiden
Thursday 28 October (5pm): ‘Cybersecurity and Informatization: Restructuring Chinese Governance Through Technology’


Professor Michael Nylan, University of California, Berkeley
Thursday 4 November (5pm): ‘Classical Learning in Han: How our "common wisdom" is failing us’


Professor Kristen Looney, Georgetown University
Thursday 11 November (5pm): ‘Rural Development in China and East Asia’


Dr Lisa Richaud, Université libre de Bruxelles
Thursday 18 November (5pm): ‘Dog Days and Salted Fish: Malaise of Indolence among Young Migrant Café Workers in Shanghai’


Professor Bao Hongwei, University of Nottingham
Monday 22 November (2pm). ‘Sharing Food, Vulnerability and Intimacy in a Global Pandemic: The Digital Art of the Chinese Diaspora in Europe’


Dr Ming Tak Ted Hui, University of Oxford
Monday 29 November 12:30 (TBA): ‘Reimagining the World Order: Chinese Literary Conventions and the Representation of International Relations in the Mongol Yuan Dynasty’