Mandarin Forum

University of Oxford China Centre
Dickson Poon Building, Canterbury Road, Oxford OX2 6LU

The talks at this forum are delivered in Mandarin and are followed by bilingual Q&As. To register for one or more of these four online seminars (via Microsoft Teams), please contact the convenor, Dr Annie Hongping Nie, at


Professor Guirong MAO, Meijigakuin University
Friday 15 October (13:00 BST): ‘The Construction of the Civil Service in China: Issues and Suggestions’


Dr Sherman Xiaogang Lai, Queen’s University at Kingston and the Royal Military College of Canada
Friday 29 October (13:00 BST): ‘“The Devil is in the Details”: Mao Zedong before and after the Luochuan Conference, August 1937’


Professor John T. P. LAI, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Friday 12 November (13:00 GMT): ‘Missionary Yijing in Qing China: Dialogues between the Yijing and the Bible’


Professor Yan XU, China University of Political Science and Law
Friday 26 November (13:00 GMT): ‘The Reform of the Legal System of Taxation in China in the Last Two Decades and Future Prospects’