Monks and Mystics: Sufism and Eastern Christianity

These lectures will explore the nature of mysticism, the Islamic background to Sufism, and its interactions with the Christians of the Middle East. They will look at how Western and Islamic scholarship has assessed this relationship, and they will focus on the thought of particular Sufis, as well as on the Sufi orders and their organization. Please note that in-person attendance is on a first-come-first-served basis as room capacity is restricted to 18. The talk will be available to participate live via Microsoft Teams. If you have selected 'in-person' and the room capacity has been reached, you will automatically be invited to join the talk online. Please note that no refreshments will be served, so please bring your own water bottle if attending in-person.

Series organisers: The Rt Revd Dr Michael Nazir-Ali (St Edmund Hall), Fitzroy Morrissey (All Souls College)

Location: Old Library, All Souls College, High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AL

Link to register:

"What is Mysticism?", Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali (St Edmund Hall), Thurs 22nd October, 2020 (Week 2, MT), 5pm

"The Origins and Development of Sufism", Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali (St Edmund Hall),Thurs 19th November, 2020 (Week 6, MT), 5pm

"The Sufi Orders in India", Saqib Baburi (British Library), Thurs 3rd December, 2020 (Week 8, MT), 5pm

"The Perfect Man and the Incarnation in al-Jili", Fitzroy Morrissey (All Souls), Thurs 28th January, 2021 (Week 2, HT), 5pm

"Eastern Christian Encounters with Sufism", Anthony O’Mahony (Blackfriars), Thurs 11th February, 2021 (Week 4, HT), 5pm

"Theism and pantheism in Rumi", Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali (St Edmund Hall), Thurs 25th February, 2021 (Week 6, HT), 5pm