Music Kyogen: Scrooge

We are bringing Music Kyogen Scrooge, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol as Japanese Kyogen with Chamber music, to Oxford on 26-27 November 2019. We hope to see many of you there.

Music Kyogen Scrooge (performance), Wednesday 27 November 2019, 7:30pm, Holywell Music Room

Music Kyogen Scrooge is an innovative theatrical production that combines Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Japanese traditional comedy play Kyogen, and contemporary music. The two leading Kyogen masters, Juro Zenchiku and Daijiro Zenchiku perform their roles according to the traditional Kyogen practice with a libretto written by Koichi Nagaya for this production. The chamber ensemble formed by Noriko Kawamura (Violin), Tomomi Ota (Accordion), and Fumio Shirato (Double Bass) provides the Western-style music composed by Walther Giger. See the attached flyer for details.

Tickets (£5 for students) are available at

Lecture and Kyogen Workshop, Tuesday 26 November 2019, 5-7pm, Lecture Room at the Oriental Institute

A lecture on Kyogen and Music Kyogen Scrooge by Koichi Nagaya, and a Kyogen workshop by Daijiro Zenchiku and Nobuhito Nojima, followed by a reception. Participants will gain some knowledge about the unique production, and also experience basic movements and speeches of Kyogen a day before the performance. No prior experience is necessary. Please email if you would like to book a place. First come, first served. Places are limited to 25.

Music Kyogen Project Oxford Team (Hiroe Kaji, Suzuko Anai, Moeko Hayashi)