Song of Praise for a Flower: One Woman’s Journey through China’s Tumultuous 20th Century

A secret manuscript. Cryptic directions to an ancestral home. An unexpected family reunion. And the awe-inspiring true story of a Chinese woman who bucked the status quo in male-dominated 20th Century China, defying foot binding, arranged marriage, and opposition to the education of women. For decades, this personal memoir lay hidden in a bank vault until a long-lost cousin from America inspired 94-year-old Chinese author Fengxian Chu to unearth it. It is a window into a faraway world, a sweeping epic about China's tumultuous transformation and a harrowing yet ultimately uplifting story of a woman who survives it all and finally finds peace and tranquility. Charlene Chu, author of the English version of Song of Praise for a Flower, is Fengxian Chu’s American cousin. She uncovered the manuscript while she was living and working in China from 2006 to 2014. Charlene is a financial analyst well-known for her work on China’s economy and financial sector. She is quoted widely in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Insider, and other media outlets. She holds an MBA and an MA from Yale University.

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