Japanese Studies MSc

A Japanese brush painting of bamboo by PrometheusAvV. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This is a twelve-month programme offered jointly by the Faculty of Oriental Studies and the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies that combines courses about Japan, an intensive language programme, a research methods course and a 12,000-word dissertation. Native speakers of Japanese or those with native speaker competence are also encouraged to apply.

The MSc in Japanese Studies is intended to be both a stand-alone course for those seeking to improve their language skills and an interdisciplinary introduction to the study of modern Japan. It is taught by full-time members of the Faculty of Oriental Studies and the Nissan Institute and all the courses are designed for master's-level students.

The department does not teach Japanese language for beginners. However, it does offer language teaching which will equip you to do research about Japan. The levels range from JLPT Level 3 up to and beyond Level 1.

The course acts as either a foundation for those intending to seek employment working in Japan or with the Japanese, or as a preparation for further research on Japan either on the follow-on MPhil course or on a doctoral programme at Oxford or elsewhere. It is taught over three terms.

The Japanese MSc course is managed by the University's School of Global and Area Studies. For details of the course and options within it, please see https://www.area-studies.ox.ac.uk/msc-in-japanese-studies, or email Jane Baker at administrator@nissan.ox.ac.uk.