Learning Through Visual Materials


This project – Learning Through Visual Materials – aims to provide video-based materials to advanced Chinese language learners in order to improve their listening skills and vocabulary intake.

This project is internally funded, and we welcome all interest in funding provision and video inclusion for the future expansion of the project. Please contact bo.hu@orinst.ox.ac.uk  

The University of Oxford reserves its right to the recreated materials[1] on this page. For use and inquiry, please contact bo.hu@orinst.ox.ac.uk

We select videos that offer academic knowledge on Film, Art and Music. The video examples given on the following links are provided courtesy of 发条张 Clockwork Zhang, 杜曦云Du Xiyun and 马世芳 Ma Shih Fang. We truly appreciate their generosity in granting us the right to use their outstanding work.

FILM by发条张 Clockwork Zhang

发条张 Clockwork Zhang is the writer and creator of two movie commentary video series: M-Top 《电影最Top and Reading Classics 《细读经典》. M-Top catalogues movies by genre or theme, and documents prominent directors and artists, while Reading Classics provides a thorough review of one acclaimed film in each of its episodes. Clockwork Zhang started to make movie commentary videos in early 2016. He updates them on a weekly basis and produces over fifty videos every year.  

Forever Yang 永远的杨德昌

An Exclusive Review of Jia’s Films 贾樟柯独家盘点  

ART by杜曦云Du Xiyun

杜曦云 Du Xiyun is a critic and curator of contemporary Chinese art. He is widely involved in the art scene both in China and internationally. He has worked as the deputy director at the HOW Museum and the Shanghai Himalayas Museum. Du is an established writer of art reviews and a founder of the magazine ART TIME《艺术时代》. In recent years, Du has started to work with the media to promote his artistic views and to make contemporary art more approachable. The videos on this page are from the series Xiyun on Art 《曦云谈艺术》.

Co-constructing 联合构筑

Reading into Big Family by Xiaogang Zhang 张晓刚《大家庭》里的中国人心态解读

MUSIC by 馬世芳 Ma Shih Fang

馬世芳Ma Shih Fang is a radio presenter and music critic from Taiwan. He is the author of several well-received books, including Subterranean Homesick Blues 《地下鄉愁藍調》and My Back Pages《昨日書》. Ma’s radio shows Lend Me Your Ears 《耳朵借我》and Music 543 《音樂五四三》have won numerous awards at the prestigious Taiwan Golden Bell Awards. Ma has also achieved success in television and new media, hosting music programmes like Yesterday Once More《閃亮的年代》and Music Viva Viva 4《音樂萬萬歲4.

In 2015, invited by Vistopia 看理想, Ma served as an anchor for the series I Hear《聽説》, a programme paying tribute to Taiwanese music and musicians from the 80s and 90s. This series has received acclaim from music lovers. Two videos from the first season are featured here.

An Encounter between Poetry and Songs 詩與歌的相遇

Orphan of Asia 亞細亞的孤兒


[1] Special thanks go to Kate Costello for helping to proofread and enhance this material.