Adriana Molina-Munoz

Position: Post-doctoral Researcher (2022-2025) at the LINGUINDIC project and Research Fellow at Wolfson College (2022-2025)


Faculty Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, office 116


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Research Interests: 


I am primarily interested on how syntactic phenomena are affected by other components of the language faculty, such as morphology and semantics/pragmatics. I have investigated synchronically and diachronically different interface phenomena such as word order, compounding, relativization, ergativity, and aspect, focusing largely on Sanskrit and Hindi. I was previously a post-doctoral researcher at the project “Uncovering Sanskrit Syntax”, and I am currently affiliated to the LINGUINDIC project, under P.I. John Lowe, where I carry out research on ancient Indian linguistics and its connections with modern Western linguistics. 



Further Information and Selected Publications:


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