Anna Sharko


Research Assistant

Faculty Address:

Pusey Lane


Research Interests:

  • Chinese characters in East Asian languages
  • Mechanisms of script adaptation in Japan and Europe
  • Sociolinguistics of writing
  • History of China-Japan-Western exchange
  • Translation of Western terms and names in China and Japan
  • Russo-Japanese language contact

Research and Current Projects:

  • 日本語の表記体系における文字の機能 ―共時・通時、共時の両面からの分析― (Functions of written characters in the Japanese writing system) (funded by JSPS)
  • Translation and transliteration of foreign place and people names: Language contact and orthographical choice in Edo-Meiji Japan
  • The Oxford-NINJAL Corpus of Old Japanese project (directed by Bjarke Frellesvig)

Courses Taught:

  • Unseen translation (modern Japanese)

Recent Publications:

  • シャルコ・アンナ「日露戦争期に発祥した語彙・表記をめぐって ―「露助」と「征露丸」を中心に―」『ソシオサイエンス』第24号, 2018.3. (“Vocabulary inherited from the Russo-Japanese war. On the examples of “Roske” and “Seirogan””, Waseda review of socio-science, Vol. 24, 2018.3. In Japanese)
  • シャルコ・アンナ「ロシアの呼称・表記変遷史に見る日露関係(第0章 呼称考 )」中村喜和, 長縄光男, 沢田和彦, ポダルコ・ピョートル編 『異郷に生きるVI:来日ロシア人の足跡』成文社, 2016.9. (“Russo-Japanese Relations through the History of the Toponym “Russia” in Japan” (The Naming of Russia), Ikyo: ni ikiru VI, Seibunsha, 2016.9. In Japanese)
  • シャルコ・アンナ 「音訳地名の表記における漢字の表意性 -ロシアの国名漢字表記を例として―」『早稲田日本語研究』第25号, 2016.3. (“The role of meaning in the choice of characters for transliterated geographical names – On the example of Russia”, Waseda Nihongo Kenkyu, Vol. 25, 2016. In Japanese)
  • А.В. Шарко, Топоним “Россия” в японских источниках XVIII-XIX вв. (по материалам периодов Эдо и Мэйдзи) // История и культура традиционной Японии 8 / отв. ред. А.Н. Мещеряков. Спб. Изд-во “Гиперион”, сс. 321-329, 2015. (“The toponym ‘Russia’ in Japanese documents of the 18th and 19th centuries”, History and Culture of Traditional Japan, Vol. 8, pp. 321-329, 2015. In Russian)
  • A.Sharko,”Ligature as a Common Pattern of Written Character Creation in Japan and Europe”, The Journal of Chinese Characters, Vol. 11, pp. 151-166, 2014.
  • シャルコ・アンナ 「現代における漢字とラテン文字の機能に関する一考察 ―日本と欧米の一般社会における文字・表記を中心に―」修士論文, 早稲田大学, 2014年2月. (“Functions of Chinese characters and Roman letters – On the use of written characters in Japan and Europe”, Master thesis, Waseda University, 2014. In Japanese)


anna sharko