Arash Zeini


Bahari Research Fellow

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Research Interests:

I am historian/philologist of pre-Islamic Iranian cultures and languages, focusing on Zoroastrianism, particularly the late antique exegesis of the Avesta. My research interests include the religious culture of the Sasanian era, the Middle Persian administrative documents and digital humanities.

Recent Publications:

In 2021, I published The Roar of Silence, a Festschrift in honour of François de Blois, jointly edited with Adam Benkato. My monograph, Zoroastrian Scholasticism in Late Antiquity (2020, EUP), won the inaugural 'AIS Book Prize for Ancient Iranian Studies' in 2022. In this book, I examine the Middle Persian version (Zand) of the Yasna Haptaŋhāiti, a liturgical text composed in the Old Iranian language of Avestan, as a text in its own right and challenge the view that considers the study of the Zand an auxiliary science to Avestan studies. In a broad investigation of the Middle Persian literature, I argue that Zoroastrian exegesis shares the common traits of Cabezón’s decontextualized scholasticism.


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Further Information:

In 2015 I founded the collective bibliographic blog Bibliographia Iranica. I am also the co-editor, with Adam Benkato, of a new open-access journal, Berkeley Working Papers in Middle Iranian Philology.

Arash Zeini