Ashwini Mokashi

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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies / Fellow of Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies 

Research Interests 

  • Comparative Philosophy of Ancient India and Ancient Greek/Roman period 
  • Philosophical Counseling (Theory and Practice) 
  • Hindi and Marathi Poet Saints of the Bhakti Movement in India 
  • Philosophy of the Nimbal School in South-West India 

 Current Projects:  

  • Philosophy and Music Programs – YouTube Videos 
    • Kabiriyat  
    • Tukayan (Upcoming) 
  • Book Projects – works-in-progress. 
    • Hindi Version of the published monograph ‘Sapiens and Sthitaprajna’ 
    • Meditation and Mysticism in South-West India: Philosophy of the Nimbal School 

Courses Taught 

  • Elementary Hindi Practice 
  • Literary Hindi Practice 

 Recent Publications 

  • Foreword to the book ‘East and West’, published in the ACPR Journal, India, 2023 
  • ‘Exploring Three Traditions of Philosophical Counseling in India’, Philosophical Practice, Journal of the APPA, March 2023, Volume 18.1, New York