Cheuk Yee Wai 衞婥怡


Wolfson College

Course and Supervisor:

DPhil Oriental Studies. Supervised by Professor Tian Yuan Tan.


Educational Background:

2015-2017: MPhil in Gender Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2010-2013: BA in Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Interests:

My general research interests revolve around representations of the erotic, females, and taboos. I began studying late imperial Chinese erotic novels for my MPhil thesis, in which I investigated the images of Buddhist monks in selected erotic novels. For my DPhil thesis, I have shifted my focus to the representation of female bodies and female inter-relationships, in particular to the stereotypes of women from different background, and the instability of their relationship irrespective to their presumed social status. Beyond my doctoral research, I am looking forward to further explore the topic of sexuality, women's everyday life, and the perceptions of menstruation in pre-modern China. 

Thesis title:

Sisters in Crime: Women and illicit sexual affairs in late imperial Chinese erotic fiction

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:

Presentation on “Exploration of Religious Worldview in Court Theatre: with Hunyuanhe as an Example” in the Digital Humanities and Literary Transmissions in Pre-modern East Asia Workshop, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, 26 September 2023.

Presentation on “Reading Maidservants in the Imperial Chinese Erotic Novel Langshi” in the Talking Bodies 2023 Conference (University of Chester, 13th June, 2023).

Presentation on “Sex life of pre-modern Chinese maidservants” in the British Association of Chinese Studies 2022 Conference (University of Oxford, 31st August, 2022).

Presentation on “Sleeping with Mothers: Mother characters in Ming and Qing Erotic Fictions” in the 2019 International Conference on Ming-Qing Studies (Academia Sinica, Taiwan, 29th August, 2019).

Presentation on “Libertine Monks and Women: Sexual Fantasies in Late Imperial Chinese Vernacular Erotica” in the University of Oxford China Humanities Graduate Conference 2017: Extra(ordinary) China: Practices of the Everyday (University of Oxford, UK, 11th January, 2017).

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