Clare Pollard


Curator of Japanese Art, Ashmolean Museum

Faculty / College Address:

Ashmolean Museum


Research Interests:

  • Arts of Japan, particularly Meiji ceramics and decorative arts

Current Projects:

  • Creating 2 new galleries of Japanese art as part of the Ashmolean Museum's current redevelopment project

Recent Publications:

  • 'Zen Mind: the development of Zen Buddhism', in Zen Mind, Zen Brush: Japanese ink paintings from the Gitter-Yelen collection (Art Gallery of NSW, 2006)
  • '"Gorgeous with glitter and gold": Miyagawa Kozan and the Role of Satsuma Export Ware in the Early Meiji Ceramic Industry', in Past and Present: the Metamorphosis of Japanese Art in the Nineteenth Century (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2006)
  • 'Marvels or aberrations? Early products of the Kozan studio', in TAASA Review, vol. 14 no. 4, December 2005.
  • Master Potter of Meiji Japan: Makuzu Kozan (1842-1916) and his workshop (Oxford: OUP, 2003)
  • The Art of Hokusai - Masterpieces of Japanese Printing in the Chester Beatty Library (Dublin: TownHouse, 2003)
  • The Chester Beatty Library, with Michael Ryan, Elaine Wright, Charles Horton (London: The CBL in association with Scala Publishers, 2001)

Photograph of Clare Pollard