Clive D. Holes


Emeritus Professor for the Study of the Contemporary Arab World & Emeritus Professorial Fellow, Magdalen College 

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern StudiesMagdalen College


Research Interests:

  • The Arabic language: history, dialects, modern evolution
  • Linguistic history, dialect geography, and ethnography of the Arabian peninsula
  • Arabic vernacular literature and popular culture

Current Projects:

  • The dialects and culture of eastern and south-eastern Arabia
  • Vernacular poetry and oral narrative of the Arab world
  • The sociolinguistics of language change in the modern Arab world

Courses Taught:

  • Modern Arabic vernacular literature (especially oral poetry, oral narrative) and popular culture.
  • Arabic linguistics (language history, dialectology, sociolinguistics)
  • Advanced Arabic language (translation, prose composition)

Recent Publications:

Forthcoming Books:

  •  (Ed.) The Historical Dialectology of ArabicLinguistic and Sociolinguistic Approaches. Oxford, OUP, (in preparation, due 2016). 350 pp approx.

 Books published (since 2000):

  •  Dialect, Culture and Society in Eastern Arabia. Volume III: Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Style. Brill, Leiden, 2016. xxx + 490 pp. (published 15 October, 2015).
  • (with de Jong R. (eds)) Ingham of Arabia:  A Collection of Articles Presented as a Tribute to the Career of Bruce Ingham. Brill, Leiden, 2013. x + 241pp.
  • (with Abu Athera, S.S.) The Nabati Poetry of the United Arab Emirates. Ithaca, Reading, 2011. 240 pp.
  • Colloquial Arabic of the Gulf. New edition, Routledge, London, 2010. xxvi + 435 pp. + CD. (This is a completely revised and expanded edition of the book of similar title first published in 1984).
  • (with Abu Athera, S.S.) Poetry and Politics in Contemporary Bedouin Society. Ithaca, Reading, 2009. Xv + 351 pp.
  • Dialect, Culture and Society in Eastern Arabia, Volume II: Ethnographic Texts. Handbuch der Orientalistik Series, Brill, Leiden, Boston, Cologne. 2005. xli + 347pp.
  • Modern Arabic: Structures, Functions and Varieties. Revised Edition, Georgetown Classics in Arabic Language and Linguistics Series, Georgetown University Press, Washington D.C., 2004. xix + 420pp. (This is a revised and updated edition of the 1995 book of the same title).
  • Dialect, Culture and Society in Eastern Arabia, Volume IGlossary. Handbuch der Orientalistik Series, Brill, Leiden, Boston, Cologne. 2001. lxiii + 573pp.

Forthcoming Articles:

  • ‘Culture, identity and language’ in Peterson J.E. (ed.) The Gulf in History (in preparation and forthcoming 2016) Al-Tajir Trust, Bloomsbury. c. 20 pp.

Articles (since 1995):

  • ‘The Iraqi ‘monologist’ ‘Aziz ‘Ali (1911-1995)’ in Casini, L., La Spisa P. & Suriano, A.R. (eds.) The Languages of Arabic Literature: Un Omaggio A Lidia Bettini , Quaderni di Studi Arabi, N.S. 9, 2014, pp. 229-237.
  • ‘A Saudi ‘housewife’ goes to war: الفتاوي الشريرة or the “the evil fatwas”’ in Talib, A., Hammond, M., & Schippers, A.: The Rude, the Bad and the Bawdy: Obscenity in Islamic Culture. Essays in Honour of Geert-Jan van Gelder, Oxbow Books for the E.J.W. Gibb Memorial Trust, 2014, pp. 266-275. 
  • ‘Chapter 12: Orality, language and culture’ in Owens, J. (ed.) Handbook of Arabic Linguistics, Oxford, OUP, 2013, pp 282-299.
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  •  ‘An Arabic text from Sur, Oman’ in de Jong R. & Holes C.D. (eds) Ingham of Arabia:  A Collection of Articles Presented as a Tribute to the Career of Bruce Ingham. Leiden, Brill, 2013, pp. 87-107.
  •  ‘The Omani Arabic Dialects in Their Regional Context: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’ in Zidgaly N. (ed.) Building Bridges: Integrating Language, Linguistics, Literature, and Translation in English Studies, Cambridge Scholars Press, Cambridge,  2012, pp. 233-250.
  •  ‘Some unusual verb forms of north-eastern Arabia’ in Den Heiyer J., La Spisa P., Tuerlinckx L. (eds) Autour de la langue arabe. Etudes présentées à Jacques GrandHenry à l’occasion de son 70e anniversaire, Publications de l'Institut Orientaliste de Louvain 61, Leuven: Peeters,  2012,  pp. 219-228.
  •  ‘A participial infix in the eastern Arabian dialects – an ancient pre-conquest feature?’ in Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 38 (2011), pp. 75-98.
  • ‘Language and identity in the Arabian Gulf’ in Journal of Arabian Studies 1 No 2 (2011),  pp. 129-145.
  • ‘Letter to Obama’ in Middle Eastern Literatures, 14 No 2 (2011), pp. 185-195.
  • ‘al-siyāqāt wa tarjamat al-’adab’ (‘Contexts and the translation of literature’) in al-Sadda H. (ed.) Intāj al-Ma‘rifa ‘an al-‘Ālam al-‘Arabiyy (‘The Production of Knowledge about the Arab World’), The Higher Committee for Culture, Cairo, 2010, pp. 19-34.
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Further Info:

  • Clive Holes's website
  • Advisory Editorial Board, Studies in Arabic Linguistics, John Benjamins, Amsterdam, 2012- present
  • Advisory Editorial Board, Arabian Humanities.  2012 - present
  • Advisory Editorial Board, Journal of the Anthropology of the Contemporary Middle East and Central Eurasia, 2012- present
  • Advisory Editorial Board, Journal of Arabian Studies, 2010- present
  • Advisory Editorial Board, World Oral Literature Project, 2010- present
  • Advisory Editorial Board, Encyclopaedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics Brill, Leiden, print edition, 2003-9 (completed); online edition , 2010-  present
  • Advisory Editorial Board, Journal of Oman Studies, 2007- present
  • General Editor, Arabic Linguistics Series, RoutledgeCurzon, London, 1997- present
  • Organiser of International Conference on Middle Eastern Popular Culture, Magdalen College Oxford, 17-21 September 2000; collaborator in the organisation of the Second conference in Tunis (2002) , the Third conference in Sharja (2004),  the Fourth in Ifrane, Morocco (April 2006); the Fifth in Oran, Algeria (October 2008); the Sixth in Vienna (2011).
  • Fellow of the British Academy (since 2002).

Photograph of Clive D. Holes