Dan Yang

College: University College

Course: DPhil Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Supervisor: Professor Tian Yuan Tan

Educational Background:

MA in Chinese Studies (Literature Pathway), SOAS, University of London

BA in International Cultural Communication, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

Research Interests:

Classical Chinese drama; Ming-Qing literature; Studies of Kunqu

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:


Translation of “In Praise of This Prosperous and Harmonious Empire: Sanqu, Ming Anthologies, and the Imperial Court” (2021) by Tian Yuan Tan (from English to Chinese). To be published as“国祚风和太平了”:散曲、明代选集与宫廷in a collection of essays under the Haiwai hanxue yanjiu xinshiye congshu海外漢學研究新視野叢書series (Nanjing daxue chubanshe, in preparation).


“The Comparison of Tunes in Nanci dinglü, Jiugong dacheng nanbeici gongpu, and Nashuying simeng quanpu: Take ‘The Interrupted Dream’ in The Peony Pavilion as a Case.” In Kuawenhua shiyexia de Ming Qing gongting xiqu wenxian yu guji shuzihua yanjiu跨文化視野下的明清宮廷戲曲文獻與古籍數字化研究(Late Imperial Chinese Court Drama and Digitisation of Ancient Texts in Cross-Cultural Perspectives) (19-20 May 2023, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, in collaboration online with University of Oxford, Oxford).

“The Disappearance of Phonological Markers: Editorial Ideologies of Scores and Kunqu Pure Singing Rules in Eighteenth-Century China.” In BACS Annual Conference (31 August-1 September 2022, University of Oxford, Oxford).

For further information, I am working as a Research Assistant in the Project: “TEXTCOURT: Linking the Textual Worlds of Chinese Court Theater, ca. 1600-1800” (January 2022-Present) https://textcourt.ames.ox.ac.uk/about/project-team/10/.

I am a member of the CCKF-funded Project “Textual Forms and the Construction of Knowledge in Late Ming Qu Anthologies” (November 2021-Present).