Emine Çakır


Lecturer in Turkish Language

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies



Research Interests:

Applied linguistics, language pedagogy, teacher training and development, personal and professional development, life-long learning, NLP, emotional intelligence, multiple intelligence, language teaching, teacher-learner beliefs, developing language teaching materials, community language learning/teaching and EU projects.

Current Projects:

  • SKILLNET                                      Grundvig 2
  • YADIM&SALLS Mobility Project         Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Languages from the Cradle             Socrates Lingua
  • A.L.I.C.E                                       Grundvig 2
    Advanced on-line Training course: “Adults Learning for Intergenerational Creative Experiences” 

Courses Taught:

  • Elementary Turkish
  • Intensive Turkish Language
  • Intermediate Modern Turkish Language
  • Turkish-English Translation
  • English-Turkish Translation
  • Advanced Translation
  • Teaching Turkish through Literature
  • Modern Turkish political and cultural texts

Recent Publications:

  • October, 2000. Çukurova University, IV. International INGED-Ç.U. ELT Conference Proceedings, “An attempt to ease the sobering experiences of new teachers”, Adana, Turkey.
  • September, 2001. Middle East Technical University, IATEFL Teachers Develop Teachers Research Conference Proceedings, “Mission Impossible: Uncovering trainees’ and trainers’ expectations regarding an effective teacher trainer”, Ankara, Turkey.
  • Jülide İnözü, Seden Tuyan and Emine Çakır Sürmeli, 2007. “Overcoming Affective Barriers for Continuous Language Learning” in Asian EFL Journal Quarterly, Vol.9 (4): 175-188.
  • Jülide İnözü , Seden Tuyan and Emine Çakır Sürmeli, 2008. “Foreign Language Student Empowerment Through Affective Coaching” in Education and Leadership , edited by Tom Claes, Frank McMahon & David Seth Preston, Amsterdam/New York.
  • Emine Çakır Sürmeli & Julien Boast 2009. Community and Lesser Taught Languages Conference, “Community Language Learning: from three perspectives,” Manchester, Routes into Languages.
  • Emine Çakır Sürmeli & Julien Boast, 2010.  III. International Turkish Education and Teaching Conference Proceedings,  “Learning and Teaching Turkish as a Community Language (in the UK)”., Dokuz Eylül University, İzmir.
  • Emine Çakır Sürmeli & Julien Boast 2011. The International Journal of Arts and Sciences IJAS Conference in Germany, “Rethinking Community Language Learning: a case study of Turkish speakers in London”.  (on-line)
  • Emine Cakir & Teresa Monaco, 2013. Transforming the educational relationship: intergenerational and family learning for the lifelong learning society, İnternational Conference Proceedings, “ Let’s Cook Together: Empowering intergenerational communication through cooking”, Bucharest, Romania.

Photo to follow