Gustavo Fernandes Pedroso


St John's College


DPhil Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Assyriology and Biblical Studies)

Educational Background: 

I hold a BA in History from NOVA University Lisbon (2017-2020) and an MPhil in Cuneiform Studies from the University of Oxford (2020-2022). I am currently undertaking a DPhil in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies which is funded by an Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP-St John’s College Scholarship. My supervisors are Dr. Frances Reynolds and Dr. Laura Quick.

Research Interests:

Akkadian; Biblical Hebrew; Poetry; Literature; Religious History

My DPhil research focuses on the poetics of Akkadian and Biblical Hebrew pious sufferer compositions and penitential prayers. Therefore, I work on first-millennium BC Akkadian and Hebrew poetic compositions and how their use of poetic features can reflect their context of production and use.

Conference Papers:

“Anger and Mercy: The Conflicting Attitude of Marduk in Ludlul Bēl Nēmeqi and Akkadian Penitential Prayers”, OPCA 2023, University of Oxford (23-24 March 2023)