Hindy Najman


Full Name:

Hindy Najman



Oriel and Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture, University of Oxford


Additional Faculty affiliation:

Theology and Religion

Member of the Sub-faculty Classics


Faculty / College Address:

Oriel College





Research Interests:

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament  

Early Biblical Interpretation

Dead Sea Scrolls

Hellenistic Jewish Literature

Composition and Author Function

Construction and Imitation of Biblical Figures

Practices of Pseudepigraphy and Pseudonymous Attribution

Revelation, Divine Encounter and Prophecy;

Wisdom Literature

Idealized Sage and Perfectionism

Philology and Philological Practices;

Allegorical Interpretation and Midrash

Collection and Canon

Scholarly Practices of Reading


Current Projects:


  • Reading Practices and the Vitality of Scripture (under contract with Oxford University Press. Anticipated completion, 2021).

ARTICLES (forthcoming 2021)

  • “Conceptualizing Wilderness: Poetic Processes and Reading Practices in the Hodayot and the Apostrophe to Zion.” Forthcoming: 16th Orion Symposium.
  • “Imitatio Dei and the Formation of the Subject in Ancient Judaism.”
  • “Biblical Interpretation in the Second Temple Period.” In the Oxford Bible Commentary. Edited by Katharine Dell, David Lincicum and Alison Salverson. Oxford University Press 2020.
  • “Philology as Hermeneutics: Poetic Processes, Composition, and Collection in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond.” preparation for VTSS for IOSOT Proceedings, 2020.
  • Co-authored with Geoffrey Khan and Ishay Rosen-Zvi “Ancient Hebrew as a Dynamic Language: Continuity and Discontinuity”
  • Co-authored with Konrad Schmid, Reading the Blood Plague: An Interpretive Approach at the Micro and Macro Levels
  • Co-authored with Eibert Tigchelaar, “Interpreting Collection in the Dead Sea Scrolls”

Courses Taught:

Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew Bible, Hellenistic Jewish literature. Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament Seminar, Early Biblical Interpretation, writers’ workshop for graduate students, wisdom