Hratch Tchilingirian


Associate Faculty Member 

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Research Interests:

  • Sociology of minorities and Christian communities in contemporary Middle East
  • Armenian Diaspora
  • Turkish-Armenian relations
  • Armenian Church and Religious Studies
  • Inter-ethnic conflicts in the Caucasus

Current Projects:

  • Investigating methodological and conceptual questions in the discourse of "preservation of 'Armenianess' (hayapahpanum)" and study of various dimensions of cultural production and maintenance in the Diaspora.
  • Study of the effects of dual process of "societal secularisation" (global trends) and state-imposed " institutional secularisation" (especially during Ottoman and Soviet eras) on church-society, church-state and church-politics relations in contemporary Armenia and the Diaspora.

Courses Taught:

  • Contemporary Armenian Culture, Society, Politics Seminar
  • Cultural Production and Maintenance in Diaspora Seminar
  • Armenian Religion, Society, Politics Seminar

Recent Publications:

  • "Minority within Minorities: Armenian communities in the Middle East between imposed realities and uncertain future" in Erica C.D. Hunter (ed.) Religious Minorities in the Middle East and North Africa: A Complete Survey of Non-Muslim Communities. I. B. Tauris (forthcoming 2013), c. 7000 words.
  • "The Armenian Apostolic Church"  in Lucian Leustean (ed.) Eastern Christianity and Politics in the Twenty-First Century, Routledge  (forthcoming 2013), c. 12000 words.
  • “Il catholicos e le sedi gerarchiche della Chiesa Apostolica Armenia: storia, problem e prospettive” in L. Vaccaro & B. L. Zekiyan (eds.), Storia religiosa dell’Armenia (Milano: ITL, Centro Ambrosiano), 2010, 189-212.
  • The Armenian Church. A Brief Introduction (Burbank: Western Diocese press), 2008,  pp 31.
  • "Hrant Dink and Armenians in Turkey" in David Hayes (ed,) Turkey: Writers, Politics and Free Speech, OpenDemocracy Quarterly, Series 1; Vol. 2. 2007, 117-124.
  • "In Search of Relevance: Church and Religion in Armenia since Independence" in B. Balci and R. Motika (eds.), Religion et politique dans le Caucase post-Sovietique. Paris: Maisonneuve et Larose, 2007, 277-311.
  • "Modern ‘Believers’ in an Ancient Church" in Arméniens et Grecs en diaspora: approches comparatives (Édités par M. Bruneau, I. Hassiotis, M. Hovanessian et C. Mouradian). Athenes: E.F.A 2007, 491-508.

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