İrem Yıldız


St Antony's College


DPhil Oriental Studies (Modern Middle Eastern History)

Thesis Title:

Blindness in Late Ottoman State and Society (1865-1915)

Supervised by Professor Eugene Rogan


Research Interests:

Disability Studies, Medical Humanities, Cultural Studies, History of Childhood Studies, and Global & Imperial History.

Educational Background:

M.A. Istanbul Bilgi University, Cultural Studies

B.A. Bilkent University, Archeology and Art History

Research Experience:

Visiting Scholar, Rutgers University, Newark, Department of History - (2017-18)

Grants and/or Scholarships:

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:

  • “Marginality, Disability, and the Urban Setting in late Ottoman Istanbul: Creating the Image of the Blind Beggar.”, March 16-19, 2023, American Comparative Literature Association.

  • December 2021 - "Spectacle of the Blind Beggar in Ottoman Istanbul: Disability in the Urban Setting during the Late Nineteenth Century" Ugh! Disgust, Repugnant Matters and the Construction of Difference, c. 1700-1900, Department of History at Universität Rostock.

  • November 2021 - "Blindness and Begging" 2021 Disability History Month Workshop, Faculty of History, University of Oxford.

Teaching Experience:


  • Islamic History: The Modern History of the Middle East, 1798 – 1948 (undergraduate option)
  • Further Subject​​​​​​: The Middle East in the Age of Empire, 1830 – 1971 (undergraduate option)
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