Isara Treesahakiat


St. Antony's College

Thesis Title:

The Practicalities of Thai Buddhist Temples in the UK


Professor Kate Crosby

Educational Background: 

University of Otago, New Zealand (2009–2011)

Master’s degree in Religious Studies

Grade: First Class Honours

University of Otago, New Zealand (2008–2009)

Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Subjects (Major in Religious Studies)

Grade: Second Class Honours (Division I)

University of Otago, New Zealand (2007–2008)

Diploma Programme in Arts Subjects (Major in Religious Studies)

Shinawatra International University, Thailand (2004–2007)

Bachelor of Science (Major in Computer Science)

Grade: First Class Honours


Research Interests:

My research interests include the political, social, and cultural histories of Thailand, with a specific focus on both historical and contemporary aspects of Thai Buddhism. I am particularly drawn to Theravada Buddhism, the most widely practiced tradition in Thailand, and its influence on various facets of daily and institutional life. Additionally, I am deeply engaged in studying temple administration, understanding its complexities in the context of religious practice, societal norms, and regulatory compliance within modern Thailand.