Jieun Kiaer


Young Bin Min-KF Professor of Korean Linguistics

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies / Hertford College






Research Interest:

  • Hallyu (Korean Wave)

  • Language Learning

  • Sound and Gesture

  • Pragmatic Syntax

  • AI Linguistics

  • Asian Translation, Commentary and Multilingualism

  • Words like Us

  • Culinary Linguistics


Courses Taught (I am happy to supervise DPhil students in the following topics):

  1. Empirical syntax
  2. Multilingualism and Translanguaging
  3. Issues in translating East Asian literature
  4. Particle Grammar: Functional Perspective
  5. Introduction to Korean linguistics, Korean grammar, history and structure of Korean, Middle Korean (15th century) 
  6. Lexical interaction between East and West
  7. Korean Pragmatics
  8. Translating Modern Korean Literature
  9. Multilingualism in East Asia
  10. Culinary Linguistics
  11. Non-Verbal Pragmatics 
  12. Multimodal Linguistics (to be offered 2023 MT)

Current Project

  1. AKS Core University Project (2021-2026)
    • Building K-wave Hub 
  2. The Leverhulme Research Project Grants (2022-2025)
    • Sea, song and survival: the language and folklore of the haenyeo women

Recent Publications

Key Publications (please see https://jieunkiaerresearch.com/books/)

Kiaer, J. (Forthcoming). Words like us, Yale University Press.

Kiaer, J. (Forthcoming). Conversing in the Metaverse, Bloomsbury.

Kiaer, J. (Forthcoming, 2023). The Future of Syntax: Asian perspective in an AI age. Bloomsbury: London. 

Kiaer, J. & Ahn, H. (2023) Lessons from a Translingual Romance: Conflict and Innovation of Intercultural Couples, Palgrave Macmillan.

Kiaer, J. (2023).The Language of Hallyu, Routledge. 

Kiaer, J. (2023).Emoji Speak: Communication and Behaviours on Social Media. London: Bloomsbury. 

Kiaer, J. (2023).Multi-modal communication in young multilingual children: a case study of Korean-English families. Multilingual Matters: UK. 

Kiaer, J. & Cagan, B. (2022).Pragmatics in Translation. Routledge. 

Kiaer, J., & Calway, N. (2022).Women and Cooking in Inner Chamber. Lincom Europa. 

Kiaer, J. & Kim, L. (2021).Understanding Korean Film. Routledge: UK. 

Kiaer, J., Morgan, J., & Choi, N. (2021).Young Children’s Foreign Language Anxiety: The Case of South Korea. Multilingual Matters: Bristol, UK.  

Kiaer, J., (2020).Delicious words: East Asian Food Words in English1st Edition. London, Routledge. 

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Jieun Kiaer
Hallyu (Korean Wave) Matters Language Learning Matters  Sound and Gesture Matters  Pragmatic Matters  Future matters: AI Linguistics  Asian Perspective: Translation, Commentary and Multilingualism Words Matter   Food Matters: Culinary Linguistics