John Baines


Professor Emeritus, Egyptology; Fellow of The Queen's College 

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies / The Queen's College


Research Interests:

My research ranges over several areas in Egyptology, in part because much of it has been stimulated by teaching on diverse subjects. I often participate in interdisciplinary symposia and publications. My principal areas of interest are Egyptian art, literature, religion, self-presentation, the position of writing in Egyptian society, and modelling social forms. In developing ideas relating to these themes, I make use of texts, images, archaeological data, and various theoretical approaches. I am currently working on a review of practices relating to decorum and on a synthesis deriving from several decades of research on Egyptian biographical self-presentation.

Current Projects:

  • Volume on Egyptian biographical self-presentation
  • Synthesis of studies on Egyptian kingship

Recent Publications:

  • High culture and experience in ancient Egypt. Studies in Egyptology and Ancient Near East. xx, 326 pp., 63 figs. Sheffield: Equinox 2013.
  • John Baines, Henriette van der Blom, Yi Samuel Chen, and Tim Rood (eds), Historical consciousness and the use of the past in the ancient world. Sheffield: Equinox 2019. xiv, 386 pp., 31 figs, 7 tables.
  • Watery Egyptian landscapes and performances within them. In Christina Geisen (ed.), Ritual landscape and performance: proceedings of the international conference on ritual landscape and performance, Yale University, September 23–24, 2016, 177–203. Yale Egyptological Studies 13. New Haven: Yale Egyptology 2020.
  • From living a life to creating a fit memorial. In Julie Stauder-Porchet and Andréas Stauder (eds), Ancient Egyptian biographies: forms, contexts, functions, 47–83. Wilbour Studies in Egyptology and Assyriology 7. Atlanta: Lockwood Press 2020.

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John Baines