Jonathan Lawrence


Associate Faculty Member


Research Interests:

gender, sexuality, emotions, literary reception, Cairo Sultanate, biography, Sufism, ethics, morality

Current Projects:

Emotional Morality in the Cairo Sultanate

Courses Taught:

Arabic Literature, Islamic Culture, Same Sex Desire in Arabic Literature: Texts and Theories, Muslims and Others in Abbasid-Era Storytelling, Arabic Literary Biography

Recent Publications:

-          “It’s All Just Poetry: Writing ʿUmar ibn Abī Rabīʿah’s Life” in Journal of Arabic Literature 52:3–4 (2021), 321–50

-          “Colonial South America, Identity and Race as Seen by a Chaldean Priest from Baghdad” in CompLit: Journal of European Literature, Arts and Society 2 (2021), 115–43

-          “Building a Library: The Arabic and Persian Manuscript Collection of Sir William Jones” in Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 31:1 (2021), 1–70

    • Runner-up for the Royal Asiatic Society’s David Morgan Prize 2022