Juliana Buriticá Alzate


Departmental Lecturer in Modern Japanese Literature

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies / Pembroke College



Research Interests:

  • Translation
  • Queer and Feminist Theory
  • Mothering and Embodiment
  • Modern and Contemporary Japanese Literature
  • Women’s Writing
  • Comparative Literature

Current Projects:

  • Co-authored with Hitomi Yoshio. “Reimagining the Past, Present, and the Future of Reproductive Bodies in Contemporary Japanese Women’s Fiction: Mieko Kawakami’s Breasts and Eggs and Sayaka Murata’s Vanishing World.” The Palgrave Handbook of Reproductive Justice and Literature, edited by Beth Widmaier Capo & Laura Lazzari, Springer Nature. (Forthcoming in 2022)
  • “Shocking Readers and Shaking Taboos: Maternal Body and Affects in Itō Hiromi’s Work.” Maternal Regret, edited by Andrea O’Reilly, Demeter Press. (Forthcoming in 2022)
  • I have translated Aoko Matsuda’s Where The Wild Ladies Are into Spanish (Quaterni 2022) and I am currently working on a collection of poetry by Hiromi Itō (Insensata, forthcoming 2023).

Courses Taught:

I am teaching Reading 3.11 Literature, survey lectures on Modern Japanese Literature, and Modern Japanese Literature in Translation.

Recent Publications:

  • “Embodied Survival and Demythologization in Kirino Natsuo’s Tokyo jima.” Japan Studies Review, vol. 25, 2021, pp. 31-61.
  • “Embodiment and Its Violence in Kawakami Mieko’s Chichi to ran: Menstruation, Beauty Ideals, and Mothering.” Japanese Language and Literature Journal, vol. 54, no.2, 2020, pp. 514-549.
  • “Voces de mujeres en la literatura japonesa: historias del cuerpo femenino” (Women voices in Japanese literature: female bodily stories). Nuevas aproximaciones a la literatura japonesa (New approaches to Japanese literature), edited by Pau Pitarch Fernández, Ed. Bellaterra, April 2020, pp. 251-272. (Winner of the ICAS Book Prize 2021, Spanish/Portuguese Language Edition, in the category of Edited Volume Accolade)

Recent Presentations:

  • Writing, Translating, and Publishing Feminist Books with author Aoko Matsuda, translator Miwako Ozawa, representative of etc.books Akiko Matsuo. CGS Online Event, organized by Dr. Letizia Guarini,  ICU, Japan. 12 March 2022
  • “Breastfeeding and Nature’s Magic Powers: Reading Matsuda Aoko’s ‘Enoki’ and Oyamada Hiroko ‘Spider Lilies’.” Symposium on Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Breastfeeding in Japanese Literature. CGS Online Event, ICU, Japan.  13 Nov 2021   
  • “Feeling Women’s Pain: Empathy in the Works of Kirino Natsuo and Murata Sayaka.” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Online, 25 Mar 2021. 
  • “Conflicting Femininities in Tokyo Island: From a Survivor to a Film Star.” AAS-in-Asia 2020, Online, 01 Sep 2020.
  • “Imagining the Future: Reproduction, Sexuality and Marriage in the Works of Murata Sayaka.” The Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ), Saitama University, Tokyo, 29 Jun 2019.
Juliana Buritica Alzate