Laura Hassan


Associate Faculty Member

Faculty Address:

Oriental Institute


Research Interests:

  • Islamic intellectual history
  • Post-classical Islamic theology and philosophy
  • The Ash'arī tradition
  • The interface of Islamic religion and science

Courses Taught:

  • Theology and Philosophy in the Islamic World

Recent Publications:

  • “al-Āmidī, Sayf al-Dīn.” In Oxford Islamic Studies Online (Forthcoming 2018).
  • “Sense Perception in Sayf al-Dīn al-Āmidī's Rumūz al-Kunūz: a Theologian's Encounter with Avicennan Psychology.” (Forthcoming 2018).
  • Ash‘arism encounters Avicennism: Sayf al-Dīn al-Āmidī on Creation, Gorgias Press (Forthcoming 2019).
  • 'Sayf al-Dīn al-Āmidi on the Indivisible Part', SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research, 6, (2014).
Laura Hassan