Laurence Mann


Lecturer in Japanese


Tel: 01865 483665


Twitter: @laurence_mann



Laurence Mann holds a dual affiliation as Lecturer in Japanese at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Oxford and Senior Lecturer in Japanese Language at Oxford Brookes University. 

Laurence studied Japanese, alongside Classical Chinese, at the Universities of Oxford and Kyoto. His research interests began in early Japanese liturgies and poetry from the Old Japanese (8th Century, Nara) Period. Since then, his interests have developed to span a broader range across both time and space, but retain a focus on meaning making and communication, particularly in poetry and song. His most recent publications and projects scope across a wide variety of topics in Japanese and Korean language, including language education, multimodality, intertextuality and popular song. He also collaborates with researchers in experimental linguistics to investigate the cognitive underpinnings of poetic appreciation (and other topics) in a variety of languages, including Japanese, Korean, Welsh, English and Mongolian. 

At the Faculty, he teaches Modern and Classical Japanese translation (Y4 Undergraduate and Master’s) and has supervised dissertation projects on a diversity of topics, including Classical literature, linguistics and comparative Japanese / Korean pop music.  He welcomes new research students in all areas related to Japanese songs and poetry, multimodal meaning making, as well as comparative projects on Korean and Japanese. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

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