Marina Sartori


Postdoctoral Fellowship as visiting academic at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Dates of Stay:

1st April 2023 to 31st March 2025

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Pusey Lane, Oxford, OX1 2LE


Research Interests:

Ancient Egyptian visual culture and art history, hieroglyphic palaeography, especially of polychrome hieroglyphs

Current Projects:

SNSF-funded Postdoc. Mobility Fellowship “Idiosyncratic graphic registers in ancient Egyptian manuscripts”

Recent Publications:

  • Sartori, M. 2021. "Visual studies in TT84", in A. Loprieno-Gnirs (ed.), Life Histories of Theban Tombs: Transdisciplinary Investigations of a cluster of rock-cut tombs at Sheikh ‘Abd el-Qurna, Cairo, American University in Cairo Press, 91–94.
  • Sartori, M. 2022a. "Tombe tebane in dialogo: TT84, TT95 e la rete di committenti", in A. Di Natale and C. Basile (eds), Atti del XIX Convegno die Egittologia e Papirologia, Siracusa, 1-4 ottobre 2020, Quaderni del Museo del Papiro XVIII, Siracuse, tyche, 47–56.
  • Sartori, M. 2022b. "Hieratic in the tomb of Ameneminet (TT 277). Epigraphic survey and comparisons among the script typologies present in the tomb", in S. Gülden, T. Konrad, U. Verhoeven (eds), Ägyptologische "Binsen"-Weisheiten IV. Hieratisch des Neuen Reiches: Akteure, Formen und Funktionen, Stuttgart, Franz Steiner Verlag, 455–478.
  • Sartori, M. 2022c. "Talking Images. A semiotic and visual analysis of three Eighteenth-Dynasty tombs in Deir el-Medina", in S. Töpfer, P. Del Vesco, F. Poole (eds), Deir el-Medina through the Kaleidoscope. Proceedings of the International Workshop Turin 08th-10th October 2018, Modena, Panini, 651–676. Open access: