Miri Freud-Kandel


Lecturer in Modern Judaism, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies 

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies



Research Interests:

  • Modern Judaism
  • The theological development of religious movements and denominationalism
  • The development of Orthodox forms of Judaism, particularly in Britain
  • Anglo-Jewry
  • Gender issues in modern Judaism
  • The theology of Louis Jacobs

Current Projects:

Louis Jacobs and the construction of modern theologies of Judaism.

Courses Taught:

  • B.A. in Jewish Studies
  • B.A. in TheologyB.A. in Theology and Oriental Studies
  • M.St. in the Study of Religions
  • M.St. in Jewish Studies
  • M.St. and MPhil in Modern Jewish Studies
  • D.Phil. in Oriental Studies or Theology

Recent Publications:

  • (co-editor)Modern Judaism: An Oxford Guide, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005
  • Orthodox Judaism in Britain Since 1913: An Ideology Forsaken, London: Vallentine Mitchell, 2006
  • 'Immanuel Jakobovits: A Coherent Theology of Apparent Contradictions’, in Modern Judaism: A Journal of Jewish Ideas and Experience, 2010, vol.30.2: 127-152.
  • ‘The British Chief Rabbinate: A Viable Institution?’, in Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, 2011, vol. 10.1: 43-64. 

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