Pang-Yen Chang


St Antony's College

Educational Background:

Master of Social Science, Institute of Science, Technology and Society, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Doctor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Research interests:

Modern China, History of Science and Medicine, Science and Technology Studies

Recent publications:

Pang-Yen Chang. 2024. 'Struggling with Exactitude in a Fragmented State: Intelligence Testing in Early Twentieth-Century China,' History of Science,

Pang-Yen Chang. 2023. 'Between Excess and Deficiency: Reproductive Policies in Dispute in Contemporary Taiwan, 1950s-2010s' [在過與不及之間:當代臺灣的生育政策論辯 (1950s-2010s)], in Ming-Jui Yeh and Hsi-Chen Liu (eds.), In the Name of Health: Unpacking 10 Ethical Dilemmas of Public Health Policies. New Taipei: Linking Publishing. (in Chinese)

Pang-Yen Chang. 2020. The Polyphonic Psyche: Hypnotism and Popular Science in Modern China [精神的複調:近代中國的催眠術與大眾科學]. New Taipei: Linking Publishing (traditional Chinese edition); 2021 Shanghai: Shanghai People's Press (simplified Chinese edition).

Pang-Yen Chang. 2019. 'How Far Can the History of East Asian Psy Sciences Go? Review of Psy Sciences and Modern East Asia' [東亞精神科學史可以走多遠?—評介《精神科學與近代東亞》], Journal of the Social History of Medicine and Health, 8(2): 289–300. (in Chinese)