Phillip T. Harries


Retired University Lecturer, Japanese 

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies / The Queen's College


Research Interests:

  • Classical Japanese literature, especially early and medieval poetry
  • Comparative literature
  • Stylistics
  • Poetics
  • Translation studies

Courses Taught:

  • Japanese to English translation
  • Classical Japanese literary texts
  • Introduction to Classical Japanese
  • Modern Japanese literary texts
  • History of Japanese literature
  • Aspects of Introduction fo Premodern Japanese History and Culture
  • Postgraduate supervision for M.St., M.Litt., D.Phil.

Recent Publications:

  • The poetic memoires of Lady Daibu, Stanford University Press
  • "Arthur Waley", in H. Cortazzi and G. Daniels (eds.), Britain and Japan 1859-1991, Routledge 1991
  • "A sense of tragedy: attitudes in Europe and Japan", in Boscaro, Gatti, and Raveri (eds.), Rethinking Japan, Japan Library Ltd. 1991
  • "The forms of Japanese fiction", in J.K. Gillespie (ed.), Japan: a literary overview = Review of National Literatures 18 (1993)
  • "Wakabungaku to konpyuta: Yoshitadashu o megutte", in Shimpojiumu konpyuta kokubungaku koenshu, National Institute of Japanese Lite

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