Qingniao Li


Lady Margaret Hall


DPhil Oriental Studies

Thesis Title:

Sattabuddhānāṃ Pūjārtham: The Seven Buddhas in South Asian Buddhism and the Textual Transmission of the Mahāpadāna-sutta and its Textual Parallels in Sanskrit and Chinese



Educational Background:

DPhil candidate in Oriental Studies, under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Zacchetti and Dr. Andrew Skilton. 

         - Glorisun Ph.D. Fellowship in Buddhist Studies

         - Khyentse Foundation Ph.D. Program and Research Scholarship recipient

MSt Oriental Studies, University of Oxford.

         - Lingyin Graduate Scholarship in Buddhist Studies recipient

MA Buddhist Studies, SOAS University of London.

         - Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Studies Scholarship recipient

Research Interests:

Historical transmission of Buddhist texts and the history of early Indian Buddhism; Buddhist Philology; Buddhist manuscripts from Central Asia; Sanskrit, Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit and Pāli.

Qingniao Li