Ranjamrittika Bhowmik

Educational Background:

2018- Present: DPhil Candidate in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford

2021- Present: Scientific Researcher, Museums and Society - Mapping the Social, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

2021: Doctoral Exchange Scholar, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

2018: Herzog August Bibliothek, Germany, MWW Research Fellow

2014-2016 MA in Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Post Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholar, Govt. of India

2015-2016 MA Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication, University of Milan, Italy, ERASMUS MUNDUS scholar ,Interdisciplinary Bridges for Indo European Studies (IBIES), EU

2011-2014 BA (hons) in Comparative Literature , Jadavpur University, first class first, gold medalist


University Awards

2020 World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community, Oxford Most Feasible Solution Award for  Policy Hacks Oxford: Recovering from Covid-­‐19

2020  Frere Exhibition Prize for Indian Studies, University of Oxford

2014 Awarded University Gold Medal for standing first in  order of merit in  the B.A. degree

2013 Awarded Gold Medal for outstanding academic performance in the second year of B.A.

2020 Max Mueller Memorial Fund Award, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford

2020 Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation, Switzerland Doctoral Exchange Fellowship

2019 Radhakrishnan Memorial Bequest Scholarship, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford 2019 Tata Education And Development Trust Scholarship for DPhil at the University of Oxford

2018, 2019, 2020 Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies Sri Swami Haridas Giri Scholarship and Bharat Patel Bursary for DPhil at the University of Oxford

2018 Birla Sanskriti Trust Scholarship (Aditya Birla Group) for DPhil at the University of Oxford 2018 Mazumder Art Foundation Scholarship for DPhil at the University of Oxford

2018 Herzog August Bibliothek, Germany. “MARBACH WEIMAR WOLFENBÜTTEL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION” Research Fellowship

2016 University of London (Institute of Advanced Studies) scholarship

2014 Volkswagen Stiftung and European Campus for Excellence Scholarship, University of Göttingen

2016 Rosa Maria Bolletieri Scholarship to attend the Trieste James Joyce School, University of Trieste

2015 Erasmus Mundus IBIES (Interdisciplinary Bridges for Indo-­‐ European Studies) funded by the European Union

I have presented my academic work in a number of national and international conferences and schools, including University of Oxford, University of London, University of Vienna, University of Göttingen, University of Trieste, University of Milan, Cineteca di Bologna, Maltepe University, University of Rajasthan, University of Vadodara, among others.

Research Interests:

Ranjamrittika is a final year DPhil student in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on a diachronic study of esoteric yoga traditions in north-eastern India, through a common lineage of Buddhism and Hinduism. Her work explores mysticism and language, politics of alternative social imaginaries through religious movements, notions of the subtle body, foregrounding pluralist literature of dissent and its artistic and political implications through performance. In her current research, she analyses language and practice, combining literary criticism with ethnography.   She is currently working on conserving, archiving, documenting and spreading awareness about intangible cultural heritage and oral traditions of highly marginalised rural artists of indigenous communities in Eastern India. Her current archival and academic project is called Mystic Utterances in Tukkhā Songs of the Rajbangshi Community: Poetics, Performance, and Liberation. Her project has been supported by the University of Oxford, the Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies, Zeno Karl Foundation, Switzerland, the Birla Sanskriti Trust, and by the Tata Education and Development Trust.  Her project focuses on the globalized imagination of “religions of nature” and ritual practices and yoga linked to the environment at the disciplinary intersection of literature,  philosophy, anthropology, historiography and epistemology of the History of Religions, and marginalized traditions.

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:

2020  “Tagore vädjade till en universell humanism/Tagore appealed to a universal humanism” in Liberal Debatt, published by the Foundation Liberal Debatt, Sweden

2018 "Heading East: Spanish-Bangla Collisions in El próximo oriente" in Studies inSpanish and Latin American Cinemas co-authored with Professor Debra Castillo (Professor of Comparative Literature and Emerson Hinchliff Chair of Hispanic Studies, Cornell University)

2015 “Comparative Literature and Digital Humanities” published in EU-India Project Equal, Volume 2, issue 4, a European Union funded International Collaborative Project between, King’s College London, University of Bologna, Jadavpur University, Ambedkar University Delhi among others

2015 Call of the Hills: A Course book of Indian Nepali Literature, Jadavpur University Press. Translation of short story

2015 Tamang Selo: An Anthology: Annotated Text and English Translation : a Course book of Indian Literature in Translation, Jadavpur University Press,Translation of essay

Research Projects

2021    Museums and Society - Mapping the Social, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

2020     Talking Emotions, interdisciplinary research project, University of Oxford- Himalayan Tantric Art

2018-2021 Archival, Documentation and Video recording and Editing for DPhil Project on the Rajbangshi community in Bengal

2014      Project Soundscapes of Kolkata an ‘Oral Narrative Project’ under UGC Innovative Research Scheme, Jadavpur University, Enlisted as an e-resource on South Asia by University of Oxford

2014      The Birth of Chaplin’s Little Tramp: A 100th Anniversary Celebration, Bologna, Short Film (Directed and Edited) “The Eternal Tramp- Chaplin’s Reception and Resonance in Raj Kapoor’s Cinema” at “The Birth of Chaplin’s Little Tramp: A 100th Anniversary Celebration” organized by Association Chaplin and Cineteca di Bologna, Bologna

2012-2013  Project “Daftaripara” under University Grants Commission, a history Multimedia stories on under-   reported  issues, School of Media, Communication and Culture, Jadavpur University ( on the Binding Workers of Calcutta)

Ranjamrittika Bhowmik