Ruth Gornandt

Position(s) held:

Marie Curie Fellow at the Faculty of Theology and Religion (Oct 2019 – Sept 2022)

Research interests:

  • Late Medieval Armenian theology, particularly Gregory of Tatev
  • Scholastic theology and its impact on Armenian theology
  • Natural theology
  • Theology and Science, particularly the Cognitive Science of Religion (CSR)
  • Monasticism in the Lutheran Churches

Current projects:

  • The theology of Gregory of Tatev and its sources (Greek and Hellenistic theology, Greek Patristics, Scholastic theology)
  • Natural theology and natural belief in Western and Armenian theology
  • Reform and Tradition in Lutheran monasteries of the 17th century

Courses taught:

Tutorial Early Modern Christianity (in Theology and Religion, HT 2022)

Recent publications:

‘“Implanted in Us by Nature”: The Cognitive Science of Religion and its Importance for Theology’, The Heythrop Journal 64 (2023), 745–762.

‘“Sober Theology”: An Enigmatic Expression in Gregory of Tatev and its Background’, Le Muséon 136 (2023), 477–491.

’On Knowing and Unknowing God: Reason and Mysticism in the Armenian Theologian Gregory of Tatev’, Journal of Theological Studies 74 (2023), 306–339.

Full publications:

ORCID 0000-0002-8168-1068

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