Samir Ng Sum Leung 梁悟心


University College



Prof. Ming Tak Ted Hui


Educational Background:

  • 2022 Master of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature, The University of Hong Kong
  • 2019 Bachelor of Arts, Chinese Studies; Hong Kong Studies, The University of Hong Kong


Research Interests:

During his time in the University of Hong Kong, Ng Sum Leung developed a strong interest in Sinophone studies with focuses on Hong Kong and fictions. Upon arriving to the University of Oxford and under the supervision of Prof. Ming Tak Ted Hui, his current research is a new attempt to understand the different stages of writing motifs in post-colonial Hong Kong fictions. His research aims to analyse the locality and changing city images encrypted in post-colonial Hong Kong literature under the impact of Hong Kong socio-political events while creating dialogues among Hong Kong literature and that in other Sinophone regions with comparable political situations. His dissertation pay emphasis on the writing of posthumanism, gender, affective turn, and illnesses.

Leung is the organising committee member of the Hong Kong Studies Postgraduate Conference which aims to provide a platform and community-building space for all postgraduates studying Hong Kong from all around the world and a variety of disciplines. He involved in various research previously, including the “Never Ending Hong Kong” Project by Windmill Grass Theatre under the Hong Kong Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme, and the “Imagining a Hong Kong Identity: A Study of Chinese Cultural Revolution Discourse in Hong Kong Newspapers and Journals, 1966-1976” led by Dr. Shuk Man Leung in the University of Hong Kong.

Leung is a DPhil candidate at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies in University of Oxford.


Recent Publications:

  • “A City in Disguise – Animal as a Metaphor against Rapid Urbanization by Post-1997 Hong Kong Young Writers”, Cultural Meme-ing: The 24th Annual International Conference of Cultural Studies Association, Taiwan (16 – 17 Mar 2024, Taipei)
  • “The Spatial Writing of ‘House’ in Lai-chu Hon’s ‘The Forest of Pipes’”, (in Chinese) Journal of Chinese Literary Studies 38 (2021): 68–79.
  • “Nomad: Former Press Officer & Lyricist, Chow Yiu-fai: ‘The Hoariest Age of Time’”, (in Chinese) HK01 (14 April, 2019)社區專題/317683/烈火青春-年輕時曾當新聞官-填詞人周耀輝-那是最蒼老的歲月
  • “Like Standing in the Fog” (in Chinese), Insomnia Café 1 (2019): 75-76.